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Many of Ian’s yoga teacher training certification graduates have become inspiring successful teachers positively influencing the lives of their students. Read more Some of Ian’s graduates have even become Managers of yoga studios and have gone on to assist and begin developing their own yoga teacher training programs. Students have gone on to teach different styles: power, vinyasa flow, restorative flow, hatha yoga classes inspired by anusara elements, yin yoga postures, kundalini techniques, nada-sounds/mantra, and most importantly, students have the tools to bring out and share their own unique heart-felt style of yoga that has worked for them. Rather than take our word for it, please read and listen to what Ian’s students have experienced and received through their training with Ian: TESTIMONIALS Ian’s Hatha Yoga teacher training was designed to both honor important aspects of the traditional yoga full-immersion (residence based) training programs while making it accessible to householders with jobs, kids and the duties & responsibilities most people are dealing with. After careful study of numerous yoga teacher training programs, Ian found that many non-fulltime residence-based programs were severely lacking in even some of the basics. For example, if a certified yoga teacher does not even know how to teach beginner pranayama breathing exercises or what a “Chakra” is then the training course is clearly of poor quality. Ian’s program is based on a serious study and application of Hatha yoga’s formative philosophy, Ayurveda (yoga’s preventative medical sister tradition) lifestyle, and the 8-limbs of Patanjali’s classic royal or “Raja” yoga (yamas-ethical principles, niyamas-inner observances, asana-posture, pranayama-breathing exercises, pratyahara-sensory control, dharana-concentration, dhyana-meditation, Samadhi-ecstatic meditative absorption), and introduction to the other main paths of yoga: Bhakti (loving devotional yoga), Karma (selfless service), and Jnana (higher philosophical/intellectual yoga). Ian’s training thus forges the bridge between the ancient and the modern, the East & the West, features an outstanding faculty of guest teachers, and is presided over spiritually by a traditional Swami (yogi) from India (with over 50 years’ experience) and thus students reap the benefit of receiving this very special gift.

Over the years, Ian has trained various individuals who became an inspiration to others after completing their yoga teacher training certification. Ian has been training change makers who, as teachers, inspire and influence lives of their own students creating a chain of bliss.


Ian's Yoga teacher training programs have been exceptionally effective and the proof are his students carrying his teaching methods through their own yoga teacher training programs. Some of his students manage yoga studios helping their students embrace a healthy lifestyle through yoga.


As one of the most accomplished yoga practitioner and yoga training teacher, Ian devised his training programs after extensive study and careful research of various models already in practice. What he found lacking the most is that most teachers adapt the Asanas (postures) and exercises but fail to cover the true essence of Yoga for what it is, a complete living philosophy. He found that these trainers lack in the basic concepts such as “Chakra” which is where the true power of Yoga lies.


Many of Ian's students went on to adapt and teach different styles; Power yoga, Vinyasa flow, Restorative flow, Hatha yoga classes on Anusara elements, Yin yoga postures, Kundalini techniques, Nada-sounds and mantras are some of the styles his students now teach.


Ian's Hatha yoga teacher training program is considered one of the leading and extensive study of Yoga in the Florida region. He combined the Ayurveda (the organic medical and preventive tradition), and the 8-limbs of Patanjali's classic Raja Yoga (classic royal) with an in-depth study and application of Hatha yoga to formulate his training program.


His program covers all the concepts in yoga and traditional preventive system including; Yamas - the ethical principles, Niyamas - the inner observance, Asanas - the postures, Pranayam - the breathing exercises, Pratyahara - the sensory control, Dharana - the concentration, Dhayana - the meditation and Samadhi - the ecstatic meditative absorption, along with the concepts in Hatha yoga and Ayurveda.


Ian's easy to adapt training program reaches out to people at their home to keep them on the board and help them adapt a healthier and natural lifestyle. He skillfully bridges the modern Western world with the mystical lands in the East.


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