Shamanic Healing (private & small group)

The shamanic practice involves practitioners reaching and altered, and non-ordinary, state of consciousness, in order to perceive and interact with subtle energies which are ordinarily unnoticeable (the spiritual dimension/world) and channel these transcendental energies into this perceived & apprehended dimension/world through the vehicle of one’s own body and mind. It is understood by virtually all of the ancient indigenous cultural traditions around the planet, that it is this very type of spiritual and psychological experience which fosters the greatest healing and truly transformative potential for human beings. For millennia, shamanic practitioners have used different techniques like drumming and nature’s elements (like fire) to help people transcend their normal limited thinking and open to a much vaster & richer paradigm of perception and experience. The result is by and large that virtually all participants receive great benefit. Oftentimes, people report life-changing experiences and deeper psychological and philosophical understanding that lead to permanent & radical personal transformation. The intention is always for health and healing and Ian thus helps guide participants through meditation, invocations to nature, working with sacred plants (like sage, lavender, palo santo, copal etc.) and transmitting teachings through prayer, songs and chants which were learned by Master medicine-people, shamans and healers.

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