Shamanic Yoga Healing Ceremony

The session will start with opening invocations

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AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS through yoga and sacred ceremonial healing, to attain balance and harmony. Ian will share his direct experience teaching ancient ways learned from Indian & Peruvian Masters. He helps facilitate the creation of healthy shifts in the vibratory energy field for the well-being of all participants. Participants can expect a wonderful hatha yoga class fused with a shamanic healing ceremony including: pranayama breathing techniques, cleansing exercises, guided movement, stillness, meditation, deep relaxation, healing musical instruments, mantras icaros, energy medicine, chakra sound massage, Amazonian medicinal-plant teachings inspiration, power animals and nature spirits.

The session will start with opening invocations, intentions + offerings, mantras, pranayama’s, warm-up movements, gentle asana postures, cleansing exercises and some asana. Then the flow will become increasingly intuitive, meditative with shamanic healing and with the use of powerful medicine songs and mantras. The class will finish with a prolonged yoga-nidra savasana.


Comfortable clothes. Yoga mat & cushion. Notebook, bottle of water.



Ian Darrah is an internationally acclaimed teacher of yoga, fitness, wellness & shamanism. He is the founder of MediYogi® ‘Medicine Yogi’ and Inspired Senior Living® and also leads yoga teacher training certification courses & retreats.

Ian’s mission is to empower people regarding their true wellness, health of mind, body & spirit. Specifically, his objective is to help as many people as possible lead healthier, happier, spiritually realized lives.


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