Yogic Puja (private & small group)

Puja is a word that comes from Sanskrit and means reverence, honor, homage, adoration, and worship. Essentially a prayer ritual, puja is performed within the context of different spiritual and religious traditions like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism or Hinduism. From a yogic perspective, puja is a way to practice “bhakti” – the devotional path of yoga. It has been said that there are 4 main paths of yoga including: Raja/hatha yoga (the yoga of action and discipline involving techniques and exercises using the body & the mind (like physical postures, bodily cleansing activities, breathing exercises, mental concentration/meditation techniques etc.), Jnani yoga (intellect & higher philosophy), Karma yoga (offering oneself to be of selfless service and doing so without compensation) and the path of bhakti yoga which usually involves rituals, satsangs (gatherings of like-minded people to share and be in good truthful company – either with a guru or a group of spiritual students), kirtan (devotional singing), music, chanting and dance. The very act of participating in puja, with one’s heart in it, is said to create a calm and focused mind. And this is the ultimate aim of yoga. Additionally, the energies can become extraordinarily harmonized and powerful creating powerful experiences, and sometimes great emotional releases for participants. Ian shares teachings about puja and how to participate in the ritual openly for those students keen on learning.

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