Personal Fitness Training Miami | Cardiovascular (heart) Health

Heart health is critical especially given that heart disease is the number one disease (causing death) in the United States. Cardio-respiratory exercise, creates circulation in different channels of the body: pulmonary, vascular, sweat stimulating cleansing and purification of the tissues. Getting the heart-rate up also burns more calories and thus promotes a more active metabolism, fat burning and weight loss. With obesity and lack of movement at record levels in the USA, the importance of proper aerobic exercise cannot be overstated. In addition, lack of movement has been determined to be one of the top risk factor for disease in America. In fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) states: “Physical inactivity (lack of physical activity) has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality (6% of deaths globally). Moreover, physical inactivity is estimated to be the main cause for approximately 21–25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes and approximately 30% of ischaemic heart disease burden.” Ian’s many years of heart-rate based training enable him to accurately gauge exertion levels and rest intervals to get the best results for his clients in the shortest amount of time and do so safely.

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