Ian’s clients have ranged from youth to the elderly and from competitive athletes to special needs clients. Ian has specialized experience and enjoys working with Triathletes (runners, bikers and swimmers) and elderly people because he cares for and effectively addresses their unique individual needs such as balance & flexibility challenges, slowing the aging process, arthritis, loss of muscular strength & lean muscle mass, low back & knee pain, decreased cardio function, Insomnia, Spinal stenosis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, MS, Bariatric Bypass patients, obesity etc. Ian custom tailor’s fitness training and yoga teaching for it to be safe and effective so that his clients and students can reap maximum benefit and minimize risk of injury. He emphasizes the need for living in a natural and holistic way in order to create healthier sustainable ecological behaviors and to be aware of evidence based scientific research regarding health claims. Special attention is given to proper anatomical alignment and posture of the body along with mindful breathing techniques during physical activity/movements in order to correct imbalances and increase endurance and energy efficiency.

Meet Azam Malik:

Azam is Owner and CEO of a software development company in Coral Gables called He had spent nearly a decade devoting all his energy to building up his business and had let his health slide. He was not eating properly (often eating fast-food) and was not exercising enough. He had gained weight and was over 200 pounds. We started a fitness training plan meeting 2-3x per week in the reside

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Meet Pat Crittendon:

Pat was referred to Ian by a physical therapist who had been treating her frozen shoulder and back pain (Lumbar vertebrae #’s 4&5 with bulging discs). Over the past (3) years under Ian’s care, her shoulder has continued to improve with nearly full range of motion. And her back pain has remained in remission. Pat’s busy schedule around the globe as an internationally acclaimed speaker/pre

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Meet Sally Snyder:

Sally had been a competitive runner (winning state 5k age-group championships numerous times while in her 40’s and 50’s) and avid fitness enthusiast for many years prior to coming to Ian’s yoga classes. Her daily routine involved extensive daily cardiovascular training (running outdoors and on a treadmill) and resistance training (dumbbells, free weights and machines) in the gym. While in he

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Meet Nadia Maudsley:

An avid cyclist and extraordinarily fit in her early 40’s by her late 50’s Nadia had become relatively inactive with regard to exercise and obese. She then decided to make a serious change and get her health and “life” back. She began consistently doing healing work and was referred by her energy healer/therapist to contact Ian to begin a yoga training program. Given Nadia’s health &

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Meet Thomas Taulbee:

Thomas was an injured runner who first came to Ian’s yoga classes to help the running injury. Little did he know that years later he would take and successfully complete Ian’s 200-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Certification course. The course was part of a major life shift for Thomas. He ended up changing careers completely and now works full time as a yoga teacher. He also completed

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Meet Krista Miller:

Krista recently completed Ian’s 200-hour teacher training course to expand on different aspects of her yoga practice not offered in most courses. Krista’s background is extensive and includes dance studies at New World School of the Arts College in Miami, Florida which prepared her Professional Dance career where she performed with various modern dance companies throughout the United States.

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Meet John Trafford:

John has a regular training schedule set up with Ian (3-4 sessions weekly) which includes swimming, some gym & cardio work and yoga. John had significant prior background in swimming and martial arts which are certainly assets to his current practice. Now in his early 30’s, John’s propensity to gain weight has become more apparent which reinforces the need to be more mindful about diet &am

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Meet Marcia Simon:

At over 90 years old, and with Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure (greater than 140/90), high cholesterol (at 230) and minor arthritis, exercise is extremely important for Marcia to help improve health. Both her Doctor and physical therapist (recommended from Neuroscience Consultants) had made recommendations that she start an exercise program since exercise has been especially prov

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Meet Martina Navratalova:

As a tennis star and great tennis champion, Martina’s many years of intensive competition and training resulted in excessive tightness and some “ROM” (range of motion) restriction in certain articulations (joints) of the body like the hips and shoulders. Coming to Ian’s yoga classes, Martina found not only relief from tightness and discomfort but improved function and range of motion. Perh

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Meet Mitchel Gelina:

Mitchel is a former pro tennis player who now works as professional tennis instructor and coach. Also an avid yoga practitioner, he recently participated in Ian's yoga teacher training and is a regular at Ian's classes. Mitchel is now sharing yogic wisdom regarding mindfulness, relaxation, mental concentration skills and breath awareness with his tennis students. Mitchel acknowledges the importanc

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Meet Monika Muskarel:

Monika is also a graduate of Ian’s 200-hour yoga teacher training. She has been a diligent practitioner of yoga for over a decade and has experienced a whole new level of being a yogi during and since her training. She credits Ian for being an inspiration and has taken the teaching of yoga to children by offering a “kids yoga” program as well to people with disabilities. She regularly offers

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Meet Ricardo Palenzuela:

Ricardo is a father of two and devoted yoga practitioner. He participated in Ian’s 200-hour yoga teacher training course. For quite a few years, Ricardo would practice yoga on his own referring to books and classic yoga texts on yoga. He arrived at a point where he felt he needed to go out and find a teacher where, and with whom, he felt he could do an entire teacher training course. He says tha

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Meet Kevin Manning:

Kevin was 15 when he first started training with Ian. He was physically in need of muscle strengthening and endurance. As happens with most adolescents, the change in hormones in the body and the rapid physical growth which occurs in a short timeframe leads to a period of time where the body needs to adapt to its new dimensions. Training with Ian, enables Kevin’s body to build stability, strengt

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Meet CarlosTao:

Carlos was one of those rare students who came to Ian's teacher training not knowing what to expect and found his heart calling: not only as a practitioner but as a full-time profession. Unlike many students, Carlos had background in mindfulness and meditation and came to the training came into training and discovered that being in gym shape is different from being in yoga shape. In an extraordina

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Meet Lina Eichenwald:

Lina is an artist whose art pieces have appeared in galleries and shows around the world. Lina loves keeping active and fit and lives an exemplary fitness lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy fresh food diet. However, Lina increasingly found in her 40’s and 50’s difficulties regarding physical aches, pains, and more alarmingly, joint issues. Medical MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans

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FITNESS Testimonials

Ian is a most intuitive, caring teacher and made exercise progressively rewarding and fun! My thanks for putting me thru my exercises. Thank you for "ALL THE GOOD" that you do for me and for Dennis

Marcia Simon Kaplan

The orchid plant is incredible – the buds have all opened. It was so thoughtful of you and I really appreciate the gift and the time you spend with me in the gym. Thank you again. You will be receiv


The world is a merrier place thanks to people like you!

Kevin & Cynthia

Thank you for all your help in helping me get to a higher level of fitness…

Lina Eichenwald

ian, what a blessing you are brother and what a privilege it is having you in my life! I am thankful every day.Love,

Azam Malik

Dear Ian,Our lives have changed since we met – Thanks for the knowledge & understanding that you share with John & I.

Mother Rosa & son John


Dear Ian,Your classes, you and your smile have been an important light on my journey…May the wisdom of Deepak Chopra, enlighten your path to love….May we share many more ceremonies, classes and laughs…With Love, Harmony and Peace.


Dear Ian, working with you as your student has set up a solid foundation for what has become a practice with significance on many levels. Although I have enjoyed the benefits of exercise and yoga before, this time my practice has taken on a whole new dimension. Of course, these are things that I have tapped into that always were. But I do believe that having the right teacher is an important relationship.There were many reasons I chose yoga. However, I was not expecting it to be as significant in other areas outside of physical & mental strength. You have been an amazing teacher. As a teacher, your authentic concern for the growth of your students goes above and beyond what I was expecting from my classes. I was able to feel safe in a non-judgmental environment with a teacher with very clear, professional boundaries, who at the same time expresses his sincere spiritual guidance. You bring much to the profession and I thank you. Namaste!


Hi! Ian,Thanks a million for sharing, once again, such a beautiful teaching… Today, when you asked us to give thanks for something we felt grateful and to set out intention and offer our practice to someone or something, I gave thanks for the practice of yoga, and I offered my both of my practices to you, who helps us by delivering the right messages, the right practices, the right positions, the right movements and breathing techniques all at the right time… We are all grateful to have you in our lives. I say we because I see it on all of our faces. May God shower you always with many unknown blessings for always bringing light to others.Love and Gratitude"Dear Ian,We have learned to appreciate your simple way of seeing life. We have learned that we have a true new friend on our path. We have learned that your presence brings peace and happiness into our home…

Rosa & John Trafford

Hey Ian,I have thoroughly enjoyed the two classes that I have taken with you. I love your energy. I look forward to continue learning from you. I just checked out your website and think it's great. Thank you for being such a well-knowledged, holistic fitness professional. You are a rare find!Have a blessed day!

Christian Cruz

Merci! This was a fantastic workshop!


Ian, thank you for all the care and concern you've shown for my father.Sincerely,

Christine Ramos

"Hi! Ian,Thanks a million for sharing, once again, such a beautiful teaching… Today, when you asked us to give thanks for something we felt grateful and to set out intention and offer our practice to someone or something, I gave thanks for the practice of yoga, and I offered my both of my practices to you, who helps us by delivering the right messages, the right practices, the right positions, the right movements and breathing techniques all at the right time… We are all grateful to have you in our lives. I say we because I see it on all of our faces. May God shower you always with many unknown blessings for always bringing light to others. Love and Gratitude"On another note, you are the most skilled and inspiring teacher, yoga or otherwise, I've ever learned from/practiced with and you are also an incredible healer of the purest kind. I love what you do in your classes and know you are changing people's changed mine and you healed my heart, since that first class. That's why I keep coming back. I am filled with the deepest gratitude for your passion as a teacher and for your mission to heal people with yoga and your other many healing modalities and gifts. What a gift you are! Om Shanti

Dear Ian,The altar is beautiful & I am already drawn to it. Thank you for your accurate observations.Love,


Hi Ian,It was so nice to see you today. As always, your classes bring calm and happiness. Please send me the contact information for the homeopathic doctor you mentioned. Thanks so much,

Dimple Jethani

Sorry I didn't come to class! Today is my birthday and I wanted to give me the treat of yoga class. But, I was in such a hurry that I forgot my clothes. I am really happy with the class. I will be here next Thursday for sure! Thanks,


Thank you for the enlightening readings you share with us and the great recordings.


To Ian,Thx for the beautiful classes..


an,Thank you for your wonderful guidance in my yoga practice.Namaste,


God bless you always. Thanks for everything you teach us.Love,


Thank you for all your patience in yoga.


To: The teacher of my favorite Subject, the science of yoga. I love you, and appreciate you,


Bonjour Ian,Je te remercie pour ta gentillesse, tes magnifiques chants et tes cours de yoga. Je me sens tellement mieux dans mon corps et mon esprit. Je te souhaite une vie bencee' de lumiere, de faix et d'amour.


Ian!It has been so wonderful to experience your presence here this month. I have never had so much difficulty with yoga and I have so much gratitude for the challenge and for your amazing patience and gentle spirit in helping me through it. Thank you for being such an integral part of this journey! The light in me – with love, respect + gratitude of that same light in you,Thank you.


Hey Buddy,Man what do I say, 1 month with you doing yoga, beautiful experience, you feel like a brother to me. Lots of love and light to you mate. See you in Australia soon.


To bring everything into the harmony of the whole… Marvelous creator with wonder and visible… Fantastic Spiritual Dreams… True love with great pleasure… of a million Thanks…


IAN Brother!Your presence was extremely important during this time in the jungle. Every class, every talk and all the laughs. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for being present when I needed a friend.Love you Brother.Namaste!


Ciao Ian,Grazie di tutto, dale conversazioni alle classi di yoga (anche se ne ho fatte solo un paio). Ti auguro il meglio e che tutti I tuoi progetti si trasformino in bellissime realta! Lo stanno gia' facendo!!!Ciao,,


You're a great teacher and I loved talking to you after ceremonies. I hope our paths cross again brother!


Love Ian your humbleness. Hope to see you in OZ one day

Ian,I'm so glad you brought so many wonderful things to share with all of us, but most of all I'm glad you brought you!

Thank you for preparing us through this hard journey with your amazing skills. Love you bro.


Ian,I loved our chats and laughs and learning from you. Your depth of experience and knowledge have profoundly affected me. Doing yoga with you every morning has undeniably changed and deepened my practice for life. I hope to see you down the road! Perhaps in a dieta.


Ian,Thank you for saving my yoga practice!Big Hug,


Ian,Thanks so very much for your presence, guidance, and instruction this month. My physical body is super grateful for all of the yoga classes!



Dear Ian, The decision to take the Green Monkey Teacher Training was one of the best I've ever made. As you know, my journey started about five years ago when I made some life changing personal decisions that would have an impact on the rest of my life. Those changes over time led me to find yoga and for that I'll be forever grateful. The teacher training with you provided me with so much more than just the fundamental of teaching a class. Yes, that's important but understanding why we teach yoga is the real reason I was here. Yoga is thousands of years old and it's very difficult to fit that into ten weeks but you managed to get most of it. Was it intense, yes but I am better for it and I hope to continue to learn. The course outline was extremely detailed and matter of fact. We knew what each week would bring and our responsibilities. It was never a surprise when we walked into class. For me, a working professional that was wonderful. I knew exactly what I needed to prepare for and didn't spend time studying topics that were not going to be covered. It made for a concise learning experience. I also had the opportunity to meet a fantastic group of people. All from different walks of life which proved entertaining at times. We were all there for different reasons but one thing for sure, we love yoga. I consider each one of the yogi's friends for life! Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to this program! You certainly gave it your all and it showed. Now that we are finished, we come out as yoga teachers but for me, I'm a better person!

Thomas Taulbee

Hi Ian, I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how much the TTC has meant to me. I did not know what to expect when I signed up but it has blown away any expectations I had. While I did expect to expand my knowledge as to the theory, history and practice of yoga and yoga anatomy as it applies to personal practice and especially teaching, I was not expecting the profound experience that it has been. I am so amazed by how much information and application we were able to absorb in the short time we were together (which I'm sure has to do with how well put together our class packet was), but even more so by how moved I am by what a difference this time we all spent together has made to me. I am so excited and feel so prepared with all you have shared and given us, but most of all I feel extremely blessed to have had you as a teacher. Day after day you were not just imparting information, you were sharing your life and your love of yoga with us. Your excitement and personal practice were contagious and made coming to class so much fun that it didn't seem like work. And I also wanted to thank you for your caring and how you made yourself available to all of us through the whole process. I know this was not a job for you, this was a complete giving of yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Ian, This teacher training has been a wonderful journey for me in many ways. The curriculum was very diverse, and it was planned with excellence, addressing every area a person who wants to walk a yogi path needs to be aware of. I loved that overall Yoga was not approached just as a physical exercise, but as a means of personal and spiritual transformation (or elevation) without compromising your own spiritual beliefs. The teachers were all experienced and knowledgeable in their subject; they were pleasant to learn from, and they all showed an obvious spiritual awakening in their own lives. Ian is a very intelligent man and he is obviously in a very noble spiritual path. The fact that he was the leader in this journey was a winning ticket for us from the beginning because he brought unity to our group, and this unity made it possible for us to move through it smoothly, with an energy that allowed for growth as we learned on different subjects. Even when we discussed risky philosophical or spiritual themes within the course, Ian was able to come back to the concept in a way that allowed for a general understanding. Going through these months of preparation has given me a lot of clarity, and it is definitely an important turning point in my life. Thank you to all of you, my teachers and my classmates.

Marilyn Romero

Ian, Thank you so much for everything. That was definitely one of the best things I have done in my life! I wanted to take a Yoga Teacher Training so badly, but I was not quite sure where to go. I am glad that I trusted my judgment and went with you I have been practicing yoga quite long. I wanted something more than just practicing or teaching asanas. And I have been totally satisfied! One of the best things about the TTC was that I was able to take lectures and workshops from some very interesting people (including Ian, of course). Meeting a yogini like Veronica was so inspiring. Joan's guided visualization blew my mind! Everybody, everything was amazing! The most inspiring thing for me was Marisa's ashtanga workshop. When I was listening to Marisa's talk, my heart was pounding really fast! I was so excited that I found something I'd like to do in my life! Because of the TTC, I've got my new routine which is starting my day with pranayama and meditation practice. This was really good, too. This routine made a big difference! And I realized how powerful pranayama and meditation practice are! I'd like to keep going with this routine. So many great things are in the TTC, but the best thing was meeting so many beautiful people Since I moved to Miami, I was feeling so lonely, isolated, disconnected and rejected. I couldn't believe in myself. But this experience made me more confident! Maybe I am more powerful and capable than I thought I was?! I am so happy to be able to feel this way Today, I taught a community yoga class. I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep well last night. I was unable to enjoy the party last night. But I got so much support and love. Marisa was there and gave me some advice and a hug. Carlos stopped by even though he could not take the class, Michael came to the class, Ashley was there… I had a very nice group of people taking my first class, too. They gave me very nice feedback. My first class went well. And I felt blessed. It was one of my happiest moments in my life. I don't know if I can actually become a yoga teacher after the TTC or not. But what I know is that I'll be always a full time yogini! Thanks again about everything. I was not such a good student. Thank you for your patience and love.


Yoga teacher training has touched my life as well the rest from the class in my vision. I began to reflect on this journey that we just took together and realize how much it has uplifted our spirit. I notice on everybody face. Everybody has a glow. When we began the training, we were strangers and look our regular self not knowing what to expect, at least in my part. However, we had this curiosity of expanding our wings to learn the true meaning of yoga through philosophies, asanas, history, mantra and much more. This training has allowed us to grow as a yogi family and brought more awareness in our self. We all had a busy scheduled but manage to find time for this training. We all have a different reason why we came to this training but for me was to learn how to teach yoga to be healing. Yoga has thought me so many things such as healing myself and it still is. We all have that power with in to heal. This training was really challenging because all the information we need it to inhale but I manage and enjoy it. I am more attune and connect even more with my heart and soul then I was before. The lesson I learn in this journey for me is teach from the heart. Ian is an inspirational teacher and so passionate of yoga. One can see it in his yoga class and as a teacher trainer. I am so grateful to have been a student and to be part of this teacher training. His guidance was graceful and very supportive all the way of the training. Thank you Ian for sharing your light as a teacher. It has made a shift in our life. Aho!

Viviana Jaramillo

I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to take teacher training with the phenomenal Ian Darrah. To say the least, the 10-week course changed my life. Simply stated, I discovered a peace within myself I was not sure even existed and found a deep connection to my own inner wisdom, to those around me, and, ultimately, to the Universal wisdom. Ian raised spiritual conversation in a way that allowed for all of our personal understanding. His gentle and accessible approach encouraged us to take our practice beyond the mat. Through his teachings and as well as those of guest speakers we learned a mind/body/spirit practice. Where other teacher trainings lack in some aspects such as philosophy, anatomy, and the history of yoga, this training certainly did not. Ian beautifully encompassed all aspects of a true yoga practice and thus helped each of us students to establish a solid foundation from which to teach our own future students. Our classes, discussions, and meditations were a place of growth and of turning inward to our own inner wisdom. I began teacher training as a relative "newbie" to yoga, and now my life will never be the same. Yoga used to be something I just did; today, it's something I live for.

Anna Gogos

In April 2010, my wife and I took a four-hour helicopter tour of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The scenic views were mesmerizing and landing below the rim was an unforgettable experience. It is amazing to see the geological marks of the Grand Canyon or to look at the horizon and not see its end. Our pilot was a young guy, who understood his role as our guide and entertainer. Of the six passengers on our tour, four did not speak English and didn't understand a word the pilot was saying. At one point, out of frustration, the pilot said, "What a tough crowd." I explained to him the reason why. After that, he stopped the general flow of communication and engaged only the two people that could understand English. Back in Miami, I was extremely curious about the Grand Canyon and wanted to learn more about it. Among other things, I learned that the helicopter tours from Las Vegas take people to the West Rim, which is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. I discovered that the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and that we had seen a minute part of it. Next time, we're going to the South Rim from where we'll be able to see the Vishnu Temple and possibly, the Shiva Temple, Krishna Shrine, Brahma Temple, Deva Temple and Manu Temple. They are all situated in the Grand Canyon (I kid you not). To those like me that weren't aware of this, you should also know that the Vishnu Group of the Grand Canyon consists of the Vishnu, the Brahma and the Rama schist. Two years later, I found myself with what seemed to be a "tough crowd" (evidently, that includes me), starting a Yoga Teacher's Training Program with a young guy named Ian Darrah. I'd been practicing Yoga for almost six years, but except for a few Restorative Yoga classes, I'd never attended Ian's classes. It was a tough crowd because we were an incredibly heterogeneous group with the exception of a common love for Yoga. If I had to forecast back then what the result would be, the obvious parallel would be my helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon: mesmerizing and unforgettable but barely touching the surface due to the grandeur of the subject, with a limited approach due to the lack of the time. Boy, was I mistaken! In addition to being an advanced practitioner, Ian is a patient and dedicated Yogi who fully practices Patanjali's 8-Limb system. Thanks to his guidance, the "tough crowd" doesn't seem that tough anymore, and the seeds of personal growth have been planted in all of us. In the short but very intense ten weeks, we learned what Yoga is by discussing: the Yamas and Nyamas, reading about Yoga's History and Philosophy, in depth studying of Yoga Anatomy, practicing and learning the Asanas, doing Pranayamas, chanting, and meditation. Our knowledge was enhanced by the several visitors that kindly shared with us their experience as practitioners and teachers. We had an overview of all of the corners of Yoga, not only of its "West" side, and we were able to see a glimpse of the long and winding road that leads one to being a Yogi. Or, still paraphrasing, of how many roads must a Yogi walk down before you can call her a Yogi. Many times, when teaching or in our daily lives, we'll feel the same fear that Arjuna felt at Kurukshetra. When that happens in life, recall Patanjali's Second Sutra. If it happens while teaching, keep up with your Ujjayi breath, remember of the basic sequence and move forward. If that doesn't work, just tell your students to do one standard vinyasa and lead them into Adho Mukha Svanasana while you recover. I began teacher training as a relative "newbie" to yoga, and now my life will never be the same. Yoga used to be something I just did; today, it's something I live for.

Going through the teacher training at Green Monkey was not what I expected- but in a GOOD way! It was so much more than I had anticipated. It made me appreciate yoga to a whole other degree. My interest and love for it has grown exponentially through this experience. Ian is a really great teacher. I really admire his practice and have been truly been inspired by him. The course has really left a spark, and with its completion I am eager to continue to learn more. Ian's passion and love for yoga really makes the course that much more "real" and effective. I would highly recommend the teacher training certification.


Thanks again for a lovely TTC experience. I had been thinking about pursuing my yoga teacher certification for quite a few months but did not want to enroll in a random program with a random teacher. After taking just ONE class with Ian I knew that I wanted to take my teacher training course (TTC) with him. I was thrilled to learn that he would be teaching a 200 hour TTC in the coming months and immediately approached him to learn more about the program. I would soon learn that his genuine kindness, knowledge of the yogic lifestyle, and comfort with teaching would be some of the qualities I would hope to encompass as a yoga teacher. The TTC program was an intense 10 weeks of dedication, not only on the part of the students but also on Ian's behalf. He was thoughtful in his teachings and understanding of the students' limitations and personal lives. I would recommend anyone wanting to get a sincere and comprehensive education on the basic level teachings of yoga to take their 200 hour TTC program with Ian. The program is inspiring and well thought out. The quality of the guest faculty was superb and all were extremely knowledgeable in their specific field. I am grateful for this program and am very happy with the results--I feel comfortable to teach, answer students' questions, and will continue to learn more about yoga and its teachings.


Dear Ian, Words cannot describe my heartfelt gratitude for you and I would like to thank you for this wonderful and most inspirational yoga teacher training. You convinced me I could do it and kept me engaged throughout this entire journey. You shared the greatest gift of yoga and I will pass this on to others and so forth and forth. The divine light within, honors and salutes the divine light within you.


Hello, My name is Hindy Striem and I participated in the spring 200-hour Teacher training program offered at Green Monkey and taught by Ian Darrah.The experience surpassed all my expectations. Ian provided our group with a thorough curriculum that covered all the major subjects a yoga instructor needs to know to become a good teacher.We covered a wide range of topics, from Patanjali's yoga sutras to yoga anatomy and everything in between. Even though there was a lot of material covered Ian managed to present it in a creative way which help us learn it quickly.I particularly liked the fact that Ian was not afraid to teach us about philosophy and other more metaphysical aspects of the yoga experience. These subjects are not always easy to tackle and he did a great job in explaining these complex concepts.Overall I highly recommend this teacher training because in my view, is the most complete informationally speaking.I certainly felt transformed from a student to a yoga teacher through this experience and it has given me the basis I needed to begin a new journey.I'm deeply grateful and thankful to Ian for this. Om shanti


Hello Ian, here a brief testimonial, there was so much..... The Green Monkey 200-hour teacher training with Ian Darrah offered insights in the many different aspects of Yoga, like history, philosophy, but also nutrition, meditation, anatomy, breathing and cleansing techniques. Not only did we learn how to teach and structure classes, but also how to benefit from Yoga as a guide in our everyday lives. The possibility to choose from the entire schedule of all Green Monkey locations to fulfill the Asana-class-requirements allows for a flexible, individual schedule. Special thanks to all the Green Monkey teachers who were always encouraging and opened their classes for us to assist and observe. Thank you for everything,


Dear Ian, I am happy to have participated in the Green Monkey TTC experience I am even more happy that you were/are my teacher. The program is effective; you have helped to create good teachers. Even if we do not teach regularly, the yoga teacher training - what we learned - will be a source support throughout our lives. You have impressive ability, a wonderful presence and impeccable balance. You're everything a teacher should be without being too much of anything. You don't seem to be from any one place, yet from everywhere at the same time.,

OM ~ Lourdes

Ian, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for making the 2013 Green Monkey TTC such an amazing life-altering experience. It truly has been a "radical transformation" for me and I can't imagine having had anyone other than you guide me on this 10-week journey. You're a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person. As the oldest member of our group, the training was particularly challenging for me, both physically and mentally. Although at times, I felt a bit overwhelmed, I sincerely thank you for sharing so much information and knowledge and giving us the opportunity to embrace so many different aspects of yoga in such a short period of time. It was beautifully orchestrated and a very empowering experience. My 60th birthday is rapidly approaching and I can honestly say, I feel like I'm 30 again! What better testimonial can there be? This is certainly not a goodbye as I will continue to practice with you and learn from you


This yoga course has meant to me more than I ever could have imagined. This course has caused me to changed mostly my diet and way of thinking. I no longer get upset or hurt as easily. I work-out every day. Yoga has given me something that is all my own that I will always have to grow with. I think about things so much more clearly now. Growing up, I suffered with depression as a child and I never knew why I felt that way or how to change it. Now, I feel like I know where my feelings come from and how to deal with them and I just want to share that with the world. At one point, I wanted to be a therapist or psychologist, so I made it my minor. I took many classes in colleges that taught me a lot about those career paths, but I felt the things that I learned were so superficial. Those classes pretty much taught me to diagnose people based on statistics then prescribe them medication to cope. I thought to myself, that's not going to help anyone! But, I feel that Yoga is teaching me the root of emotional issues and as I grow as a Yogi, I will be able to get down deep into the emotional obstacles of people. I want to not only fix but help people understand their troubles, be it depression, anxiety, anger, financial troubles or emptiness. This class has shown me that I want to be a yoga therapist, if that even exists, if not I'll make it exist, Ha!


I started yoga as part of my daily workout practicing a few poses and sequences just to "relax my muscles". As time passed by I went deeper on this fascinating world. Now I have been practicing for a year and my life, my mind and my body have changed a lot.

Mentally, yoga practice has resulted in a more positive attitude. My body seems to thank me for the activity. I'm learning things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected. Going through my daily life I find myself thinking about the things I learned during my yoga practice. Things like my breathing, posture, letting go of things I can't control and living in the present moment. Physically yoga has helped tremendously with my flexibility and strength. I'm now more calm and steady. Yoga has brought peace to my life.

Guided by a professional staff the TTC has been challenging and fun at the same time. This training taught proper form, class flow, and helped to develop the confidence to become a yoga teacher. The TTC was outstanding and I highly recommend it whether you want to teach yoga or want to learn much more about yoga than you can get in a class.Thanks Ian !!!!


I was fortunate enough to be able to participate, along with eleven other extremely diverse and wonderful people, in the Spring 2013 Green Monkey Teacher Training Certification, led by Ian Darrah. The experience was life-changing, and wonderful beyond anything that I could have imagined. It touched many aspects of my life, from the obviously, physical and anatomical, to the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. Ian is an extremely qualified instructor, who imbues his instructional abilities with a generosity of spirit that makes the rigor and intensity of the course very manageable and enjoyable.

Although I was nervous on the first Saturday that we met, as I am with almost anything new that I do, it was not long before I felt at home in our meeting studio, with Ian, and with all of my fellow students. We quickly fell into a groove, and got to know each other; it was such a perfect combination of personalities, including Ian's, that we quickly became a family. The curriculum was the perfect combination of asana practice, history, philosophy, and spirituality. There was variety provided by guest instructors, along with our "field trip" to visit Swami Brahmavidyananda Saraswati at the ashram (which was one of the most unforgettable and enjoyable days of my life with the chanting and the light-hearted conversation, combined with deep insight into aspects of yoga and our spirit).

As a single mother of two, with two businesses, the time commitment was sometimes very difficult. I was often exhausted to the point of struggling (and sometimes failing) to stay awake. There were days-especially Thursday evenings-that I would think how anxious I was for the course to be over; but then, I would take Ian's Beginner Yoga Class (part of our course curriculum), meet for meditation afterward, and finish the evening thinking that I never wanted it to be over.

Ian took us through the process with such precision that by the time I did my practical exam, I felt quite comfortable and confident with my abilities to guide a practice. I won't go as far as to say that I was not nervous, but I felt confident. Of course, knowing that I would be guiding my new "family" also made it easier. Everyone in our group was so supportive that it was evident how much we were all cheering each other on and hoping for each other's success.

The Teacher Training Certification was, for me, a starting point, a spring board for greater exploration of what yoga can be for me and what I want to share with others, not only as a physical practice, but as a way of life. Through an improved understanding of the physical components and their benefits, my physical practice has already improved. More importantly than that, however, is my improved understanding of who I am, and how I want to live my life, as well how I want my relationships to be. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to embark an exploration of Yoga, and all the multi-dimensional benefits that it can provide. As an instructor, Ian Darrah is not only extremely prepared and organized, but generous, kind, light-hearted, and, very often, unexpectedly, funny. He is the perfect combination of all the qualities that one looks for in a "favorite" instructor.


Knowing for years that I wanted to do a Yoga Teacher Training, I was cautious about choosing where and with whom because there are so many programs out there that do not teach with integrity to the history and spirituality behind the physical postures. When I heard that Ian was offering a training, I knew it was the right time for me to train because I had been to a few of his classes and was always impressed with the depth and scope of his teaching. If you've attended Ian's yoga classes, you are in a for a real treat! The teacher training is like one long, informative, and highly restorative Sunday morning class. You will come out wiser, stronger, and a true practitioner equipped with the confidence and know-how to lead classes and practice yoga more deeply in your daily life. Uma's kind way was also central to the course. The group really came together under her encouragement and guided meditations. Both Uma and Ian are a spiritual force to both learn from and aspire towards. Their patience and passion create the ideal learning and practice environment for future teachers of the yoga tradition.

Lineliz Vassallo

You are a great inspiration and an awesome person. Thanks for gravitating me to further my practice in, not only yoga, but in life.

There are no words to thank you for those three months and this beautiful experience. Thank you so much for the love, support and wisdom.


What can I say!!! How can I say it!! No words can describe the gratitude, humbleness, respect I have for you. You have taught me so much to get to my "liberation"

Monika Muskarel

This has been the most incredible 3 months. It has gone by so quickly. Thank you for guiding me along this journey. It has opened me up to a part of myself I forgot I had… deep down there somewhere. You both are wonderful teachers. I am so grateful for TTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) bringing me back to this amazing world. You're the best!!! Love + happiness.

Rachel Breit

I cannot thank you enough for guiding us through this training and holding the space for us to learn, share, and grow. It has been a deep honor to be in your presence. Love and Light,

Krista Miller

Thank you so much for dedicating your time and energy into our course. I'm so grateful for you guys and feel honored to have you in my life. Sending you oceans of love and peace.,

Leah Ackerman

It's been such an experience. I feel so blessed for having the opportunity to take this course with you. I wish you both all the best and I'll do everything possible to make you proud of me…

Claudia Porto

You guys are an inspiration to me. So glad you ingrained in my light and I really appreciate everything.

Mitch Gelina

Dear Ian,Thank you for all that you have provided me over the last several months. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for this experience! I will take what I have learned and express what is in my heart and hopefully provide others with the joy of yoga. I will continue to look to you for guidance and knowledge as I enter the next phase of my life journey. With great respect and love,


Awesome thank you so much! Couldn't have done it without such legendary teachers!


I had a wonderful time practicing with you yesterday as I always do. You have a special gift in the way you teach that I have truly come to appreciate in the years I have practiced with you and known you. In all honesty, today I felt kind of at a loss, as I was trying to adjust to the idea that my yoga practice will change, as you are not easily replaced! I was also reflecting on how much I have learned from you and how grateful I am for all that you have given as a teacher. It is a knowledge that I will always carry with me and have close to my heart.

Maureen Curtin

Thrilled and blessed to say I've signed up (signed and sealed) to do this yoga teacher training with Ian Darrah; an incredibly inspiring, knowledgeable and multidimensional teacher who I've been taking classes from consistently since September. His instruction inspired me to practice yoga at least every day, sometimes twice a day and to take my yoga, meditation and mantra practice to the next level. I am so thankful to Just OM Yoga Studio, for hosting this training! This is a one of a kind teacher, someone I feel so fortunate to be learning from (you will too). Join me! 

Myriam Lluria Sitterson

I met Ian during a TTC that was being offered at Green Monkey studio. I was already a certified teacher but I was interested in taking a longer training to refresh and better my skills and I wanted to support a friend who wanted to become a yoga instructor. I was immediately impressed by the practical, calm, professional manner in which Ian led yoga classes, the TTC and manner in which he supported his students during training. I liked his traditional style. I also liked that I could not place him being from here or from there. I liked his neutrality as a person and as an instructor. I admire his accomplishments as a yoga practitioner. At the close of the TTC, I would not be able to continue attending Ian's classes as much or as regularly. I also had a secret desire to thank him well - to be able to offer something of value. I wanted to grow the yoga program at our office and I also wanted to be able to take instruction from Ian on a regular basis so I offered him the opportunity to teach at our workplace. Ian Darrah has been teaching at our law firm for a little less than a year. We have a small group of "core" yogis and we have been practicing together for approximately ten years. We also have a larger group of employees who practice yoga only at the office due to time and other constraints. I wanted to bring Ian into our corporate world because his traditional, no nonsense, balanced approach to yoga would help everyone, including me. Since he has been teaching, we have had an increase in participation and more regular attendance and interest in yoga generally. Typical comments on the day after yoga wih Ian are: OMG that was such a great class last night! - I slept like a baby - I have such a good sore - I feel so calm and happy after class - Since starting yoga practice at work, I feel less stressed and more calm and centered - I would not miss yoga with Ian for anything in the world ...

Myriam Lluria Sitterson

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