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For obvious reasons, toned functionally strong muscles, help foster human health in many ways: better anatomical posture, improved ease and efficiency of movement, less fatigue, more energy, the ability to simply physically do many things that are not possible with weak muscles, increase performance of metabolism and digestion, makes it much easier to get the heart-rate up during cardiovascular ex

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Personal Fitness Training Miami | Cardiovascular (heart) Health


Heart health is critical especially given that heart disease is the number one disease (causing death) in the United States. Cardio-respiratory exercise, creates circulation in different channels of the body: pulmonary, vascular, sweat stimulating cleansing and purification of the tissues. Getting the heart-rate up also burns more calories and thus promotes a more active metabolism, fat burning an

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International Yoga Teacher | Fitness & Yoga Instructor


Being in great shape, with strong muscles, excellent balance/stability and a healthy heart are all really important and certainly desirable for a quality lifestyle. But, one area often overlooked by the general population and athletes alike is flexibility. What’s the point of a strong body if you can barely move and become practically a prisoner within one’s own tight and inflexible body? Many

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Fitness Trainer Miami


There is one thing in this life that everybody is searching for. It is priceless. And no amount of money can buy it. In fact, it has been called the ultimate spiritual treasure. It is the realization and experience of our inner peace. When our health suffers, so much energy and attention goes to the problem of disease (dis-ease). Poor health causes us to become less able to do things, to work, to

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Private Fitness Trainer Miaimi


Ian’s special skill is that he is able to work with virtually all types of people and actually get his clients & students really excited about making the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve true wellness. Using his background in yoga, fitness, and a decade in the “corporate world”, Ian is able to communicate in a unique way that touches people’s hearts. Ian works with people from al

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Personal Fitness Training Coconut Grove

    For over a decade, international yoga teacher Ian has maintained “CPT” certification to help private clients with their fitness. Ian is also certified with the NASM as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and in the past Ian maintained certification with USTA (United States Triathlon Association) while working as a coach for runners and triathletes.

    As a teenager, and while in his early twenties, Ian was a nationally top ranked age-group triathlete and he competed for 2 years as a professional triathlete (swimming-cycling-running). Ian’s extensive training background as a competitive athlete, as well as a yogi, provide him now with unique insight into exercise physiology and the human body & mind, which help him better serve the needs of his diverse clients




    Personal Fitness Trainer Miami

    Ian meets his clients at their private residences or at fitness facilities. The initial consultation involves completing a health medical history intake form, going over general scheduling policy, agreement, and doing some preliminary exercise assessments. With this information, Ian as a personal fitness trainer Miami custom designs an exercise prescription which is safe appropriate for his clients. Typical training sessions are for 55 minutes and involve: gentle warm up movements, stretches, SMR (soft myofascial release), cardiovascular exercise (such as walking, jogging, treadmill, elliptical, cycling, swimming, rowing etc.) with heart-rate zone monitoring, flexibility stretching (calves, hamstrings, thighs, back, chest, shoulder, neck etc.), resistance training (using calisthenics, dumbbells other free weights if available, tubing and machines if in fitness facility) and balance/stability training (balance board, foam pad, barefoot, etc. with many different progression sets which Ian tailors to individual need). Based on people’s ability and needs, Ian designs training plans with progressions week to week and month to month that properly prepare for recovery and maximal adaptation response.

    Ian can be your personal fitness trainer Miami. His training program focuses on physical and mental health. Health is important for all, people who are mentally and physically healthy are less likely to fall sick. His training program provides the following benefits:

    1. Stability and Muscle Strength

    Ian Darrah’s fitness programs will tone your muscles to provide you with improved posture, enhanced movement, and more energy. Regular training and yoga will decrease the chance of developing Osteoporosis and will reduce the risk of muscle injuries.

    1. Improves the Cardiovascular Health

    International yoga teacher Ian Darrah knows that a healthy heart determines a healthy you. As you grow old, your heart muscles get weak; therefore, cardio-respiratory exercises become a must. His training program improves the blood circulation of the body, burn calories and thus, provides you with an active metabolism.

    1. Muscle Flexibility

    Ian Darrah’s fitness training gives special attention to muscle flexibility, the most overlooked aspect in many institutes. There are many yoga poses that require excess stretching that improves the muscle and joint’s range of motion

    And finally, yoga not only enhances your physical health, but it provides you something that even money can’t buy; inner peace! These fitness programs are the best way to achieve great health and mental well-being. Ian knows that when you are physically healthy, the mental health improves on its own.

    These programs are for everyone and anyone, it does not matter whether you are old, young, handicapped, or have Parkinson’s, the only thing that matters to Ian is YOU and YOUR HEALTH.


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