International Yoga Teacher | Fitness & Yoga Instructor

Being in great shape, with strong muscles, excellent balance/stability and a healthy heart are all really important and certainly desirable for a quality lifestyle. But, one area often overlooked by the general population and athletes alike is flexibility. What’s the point of a strong body if you can barely move and become practically a prisoner within one’s own tight and inflexible body? Many fitness enthusiasts (like runners, bikers and triathletes) become extraordinarily tight and contracted in different parts of the body like: the hamstrings, calf muscles, hips and back. This eventually leads to physical compensations and oftentimes to many problems. Also, the connective tissues of the human body gradually tend to calcify as we get older becoming more and more restricted and continuously diminishing ROM (range of motion). Ian affirms that it is absolutely imperative for most people seeking improved health & fitness to have a comprehensive flexibility/stretching program and to follow it consistently. Ian’s yoga background gives him an exceptionally vast tool-chest of different yoga posture inspired stretches and supplemental techniques for increasing joint and muscle range-of-motion.

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