Foods to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight Fast

There is no solitary method when it comes to losing weight. Self-perseverance learnt via a yoga teacher training course, exercise, diet regimes, and many other strategies exist and must be integrated into a single scheme. But for starters, one of the most important information for those who are looking for a quick break is about the foods to avoid if you want to lose weight fast. Mentioned below are some of these foods, which might be secretly sabotaging your diet plan.

The yogic view to diet is that true nutrition is not just what we put into our mouths but also how our bodies work to process that food. Sleep is also an important factor as it determines the way your body absorbs the nutrition.

Mentioned below are some of these foods, which might be secretly sabotaging your diet plan.

1. Fried and Fast Food – Nothing but Fat!

No such list is complete without mentioning fried and fast foods. Burgers stuffed with bacon and cheese, salted fries, deep-fried chicken, all scream of trans-fats, which have absolutely no nutritional benefits. The amount of cholesterol and grease they contain is certainly a recipe for disaster. Just one ounce of plain potato chips contains about ten grams of fat, which is approximately one-sixth of the recommended daily intake! Instead of trying to find a reasonable quantity to consume, it is better to avoid them completely.

2. Artificial Sweeteners – A Hoax

Artificial sweeteners such as those containing aspartame, saccharin or sucralose have not only been linked to causing obesity, but also to certain serious health problems, such as Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. The actual cause of why these products do so is still undetermined, but they will certainly not help you lose weight. It is better to consume natural or un-refined sugars in controlled amounts.

3. White Bread and Pasta – Silent Culprits

Surprisingly, these widely consumed products are among the foods to avoid if you want to lose weight fast. The refined flour found in them contributes to adding flab and subtracting years from our lives.  The process of refining strips these products of all the essential nutrients, leaving them to be sources of crab and obesity. They may also be bleached and treated with other chemicals as well, thus steering clear from them is a healthier option.

4. Nuts – Extra calories

Nuts, may they be salted or unsalted, are often suggested as the ‘non-fattening snack when hungry’, especially in winters. This is not the case. Rich in protein and deficient in sodium, their haphazard consumption leads to an overload of calories.

5. Candy bars – Sweet Salvation

Hard to resist, but these sweet treats are a must to avoid if you want to lose weight fast. The occasional candy bar contains approximately one-half of the recommended daily intake of saturated fats, and has no nutritious benefits whatsoever. So next time you feel the urge to snack on a candy bar, think again.

6. Ketchup – Seemingly Harmless

Ketchup goes well with everything, but it contains high amounts of both sugar and salt, thus besides causing weight issues, it is unhealthy to consume for your heart as well.

7. White rice – Energy Crash

Besides being low in nutrients and essential vitamins, white rice is metabolized quickly by the body. This results in a sugar-rush and craving to eat junk food, causing you to gain weight. Brown rice is a much better option.

8. Canned soup – Sodium

A quick and convenient meal, but the high amounts of sodium used as a preservative cause the body to not determine when you are satiated. Frequent hunger pangs occur and one eats larger portions unknowingly, gaining weight.

It is hard, no doubt to avoid many of the things mentioned here, but all is not lost. When the body is fed nutritious food, it adapts to it and the cravings for junk and sweet food fade away over time. Thus, the body becomes conditioned to opting for healthier options and begins to function well.

9. The ‘Sugar-Free’ Deceit

Sodas, fizzy drinks, and sugary beverages are a huge nuisance, causing a variety of problems ranging from tooth-damage to weakening of bones. But the so called ‘sugar-free’ drinks and foods are the actual culprits. The information on the integrity of the artificial sweeteners that are used in these foods is surrounded with controversy and conflict. When metabolized in the body, these compounds result in neurological, physiological and psychological problems. So next time you’re craving for a drink, choose wisely.

9. Stick Margarine – Loads of Fat

Stick margarine does it all – increases the amount of bad cholesterol, clogs blood vessels, and leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Other than being a menace for your heart, the saturated and trans-fats that it contains lead to weight-gain and fat deposition in the body. ‘Soft-tub’ butter is recommended in its place, mainly due to the fact that it has lesser fats and calories.

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