Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Ian teaches that the ultimate purpose of yoga, Ayurveda and even shamanic practices is to help us better manage the mind maybe even learning how to get it completely present, calm and still. Ian explains that a big part of this process is improving our ability to continuously experience the pure consciousness within. This he says becomes the ultimate medicine for wellness. Modern medicine and science have discovered, through scientifically verified measures, the many extraordinary benefits for the brain and human health which result from meditating. These include: fantastic stress reduction results, improved creativity, increased ability to mentally focus, significantly reduced anxiety, improves relationships and feelings of connectedness, diminishes rate of ageing, helps people to appreciate life more, develops greater activation of the areas of the brain responsible for experiencing happiness, improves brain function, improves quality of sleep, increases immune system function, helps to better balance metabolism, greatly improves attention span, physiologically lowers high blood pressure and heart rate, lowers blood lactate levels (which lowers anxiety), increases energy level, augments serotonin production in the brain which improves mood & behavior, decreases tension related ailments such as headaches, muscle & joint pain and stomach ulcers, emotional stability improves, the telomeres at the ends of the genetic chromosomes get longer (slowing the ageing process thus increasing longevity), they gray matter of the brain increases which improves neuro-plasticity of the brain (the ability of the brain to create new neural pathways), the neo-cortex of the brain gets about 10% thicker after just 6 weeks of consistent meditating resulting in better executive-type decision making processes, intuition gets stronger, concentration improves, encourages a healthy lifestyle, creates greater self-awareness, increases acceptance and helps you simply feel happiness more often and more fully!

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