Ian is widely recognized as a powerful carrier of the yoga wisdom tradition of yoga. With over 6,000 hours of yoga teaching experience (between yoga studios, companies, non-profit/parks and private residences) in both the public and private domains, Ian’s students have ranged from young able-bodied athletic types with extreme flexibility and physical aptitude to elderly people in their 80-90’s with extremely limited physical function (with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, Cancer or other serious diseases).

Ian’s skill as a teacher lies in being able to effectively tailor what and how he teaches based on the abilities and needs of the students. Ian has been asked to lead yoga teacher training programs at numerous studios and has developed his own school registered with the Yoga Alliance. Outside of yoga, Ian has experiencing working as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Miami and has received blessings from a Native American Spiritual organization (with global affiliations) to not only perform sweat-lodge purification ceremonies but to teach about the ancient shamanic (healing) ways of indigenous people. Ian thus sees his role as a teacher to best meet the uniquely individual needs (physical, mental and spiritual) of his students and private clients.

Ian says “for one client who is a bank executive ‘spiritual’ and even words like ‘mindfulness’ means nothing and my service to this person is to best create core strength in the physical body to help relieve chronic low back pain. With another student, who is a talented massage therapist and energy healer, my work is much more non-conventional utilizing yogic meditation, breathing exercises, some Tai Chi type movements and sound work (drum, rattle, harmonium, crystal bowel and chimes) along with chants/mantras in order best help her feel energized, cleansed and restored (mentally, emotionally and even ‘spiritually’)”. Ian’s gift is to help students empower themselves to lead a more fulfilling, happy and healthy life. Often beginning with Ian’s simple fitness and yoga pose advice, students discover there are so many more layers to uncover and learn about through Ian’s teachings.

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