Everyone is “Bio-Unique”, therefore no one diet works for everyone

This is a very important concept that is often missed in the many modern diet fad crazes. Ayurveda (the world’s oldest preventative medical system) fully recognizes this truth and wellness consultations and course of action are based on a particular person’s physiological constitution as well as many other factors: age, gender, health, conditions, season, climate, geography, activity level, individual lifestyle, personal goals etc. One person’s healthy food can be another person’s toxic poison (like with food allergies). Thus, Ian carefully examines each individual person and their specific environment before making any recommendations regarding nutrition.

True nutrition is not just what we put into our mouths

What really nourishes you? Ian practices a holistic approach to nutrition. For example, according to the 7,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda, you can eat all the healthy food in the world but if your digestive “fire” (agni) is weak then you won’t properly, or optimally, absorb the nutrition from the food. Likewise, if you are not sleeping well (quality & quantity) then your ability to properly absorb nutrition is compromised. So, Ian will consider your relationships (are they healthy?), your career and marketplace lifestyle (is stress causing you to not eat proper meals or to routinely go for “comfort” foods like sugar?), your sleep patterns and help you understand how different aspects of your life affect your eating, nutrition and healthy GI tract (gastro-intestinal) function.

Finding balance

Ian recommends what Ayurveda teaches: eating a variety fresh organic plant-based whole foods, sitting down to have meals according to a regular consistent schedule, minimizing unnatural & processed “foods” as much as possible, choosing foods that work well with your own unique body-type, strategically using certain spices, herbs and teas to help build digestive strength, balancing the mix of foods to stimulate all of the 6 “tastes” to maximize digestive efficiency. And so much more…

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