Shamanic Practices /Healing

There are many parallels and overlapping shared concepts and applications between yoga, Ayurveda and shamanism. One big one is the recognition and participatory conscious interaction with the “tattvas” (or, according to some schools of thought, the basic elements of creation: earth, water, wind, fire and ether) which represent and aspect of truth and reality. For Hatha yogis, these elemental distinctions play out not only in the external environment but within the framework of our body and mind. Ayurveda, for example, sees how our health is dependent upon a proper (harmonious) balance between these elements in the foods we eat and within the context of our lifestyle. Shamanism fully embraces the understanding that the miraculous power of creation is at play among the elements and all of nature’s manifestation. Thus, shamanic healing practices involve working directly with nature and becoming more conscious of the “medicine” provided to use by nature. Nothing is left out: the mineral kingdom (gemstones and elementals), the plant kingdom (countless medicinal plants, herbs, teas, foods etc. have been utilized for millennia to help humans in so many ways) and the animal kingdom (different species embody unique evolutionary genius which humans can learn from and learn to better protect and respect) creates a much richer, more diverse and colorful world for all people. And, in fact, humans (the human kingdom) has so much to learn from these older kingdoms. Ian offers education and actual experience for people interested in exploring shamanism and how to positively benefit in terms of their own health and happiness.

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