Meet Azam Malik:

Azam is Owner and CEO of a software development company in Coral Gables called He had spent nearly a decade devoting all his energy to building up his business and had let his health slide. He was not eating properly (often eating fast-food) and was not exercising enough. He had gained weight and was over 200 pounds. We started a fitness training plan meeting 2-3x per week in the residential gym focusing on general strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular conditioning.  Our first meeting 4-22-09: Azam’s body fat % was 23.7% and Body Mass Index was 29.5 (considered severely overweight and nearly Grade 1 Obesity which starts at 30). Step by step Azam’s fitness improved and his weight dropped.  1 month later Azam’s weight was under 190 at about 187-188 pounds. Core strength in planks had increased from 45 seconds to multiple sets of nearly 1:30. 2 months into his training he was tested for cardio using the classic 3 minute YMCA step test. His post 1-minute recovery heart-rate was 104 beats per minute (an average score).  10 weeks later, Azam’s body fat was 16.4% (a drop of over 7%!) and BMI to 26.1 (still “overweight” classification). 3 months into our training, Ian began teaching Azam to swim. He was terrified of the water and had never swam in his life. He was unable to keep from sinking and could not even swim 1 stroke. After 6 months, Azam weighed 161 pounds and was swimming 40-60 laps in the pool. 8 months later, cardiovascular fitness had improved significantly on the step test with a port 1-minute recovery of 79 beats per minute (down from the previous test of 104) This was an enormous improvement and considered “excellent” in the rating charts. Body fat had also dropped to 15.5% and BMI to 24.2 considered to be “fitness” level body fat and “normal range” for weight. Azam’s body weight over next 8 months would fluctuate in the 160’s depending on diet and training. With some travel and a few vacations, he was not always on the plan. 16 months into the training, Azam successfully completed his first Sprint Triathlon (1/4-mile swim, 10-mile bike, 3.1 mile run). At this time, Azam’s body-weight was in the low 160’s with body fat around 15%. Cardiovascular step test performance had improved to 70 beats per minute post 1-minute recovery which was an additional improvement considered excellent. At some points over the next 2 years Azam’s training would slack off however weight gain, due to improved diet never surpassed 170 pounds. Azam did complete his second triathlon about a year after his first and did well except for some psychological fears of swimming in the open water unable to see the bottom. A stronger commitment was made to overcome this fear. Then, finally 3 years into the training Azam agreed to do a colon cleanse followed by a 4 day raw, plant based, organic reduced calorie fasting cleanse. Azam’s body responded with weight dropping under 160 pounds to 154 pounds. Azam claims that cleanse was the single most powerful thing he ever did for his health. Feeling lighter, leaner and more athletic, his run times plummeted immediately due to enhanced efficiency and he ran 5 miles in 41 minutes (8:12 mile pace).  Azam is continuing to train, planning a second cleanse and, with greatly improved swimming (he now meets 1x per week for a coached masters Swim team workout up to 2000 yards) and is looking to compete at a much higher level in his 3rd triathlon and overcome the fear of open water swimming!

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