Meet CarlosTao:

Carlos was one of those rare students who came to Ian’s teacher training not knowing what to expect and found his heart calling: not only as a practitioner but as a full-time profession. Unlike many students, Carlos had background in mindfulness and meditation and came to the training came into training and discovered that being in gym shape is different from being in yoga shape. In an extraordinarily short period of time, and through his diligent practice, Carlos went on to achieve not only great fitness, but to master many more advanced yoga poses (asanas). Concurrently, he excelled as a teacher offering students dynamic, fun and heart-inspiring classes. One fellow teacher & friend described Carlos as a “perennial student of asana” who would meticulously study the ins and outs of yoga asana (postures) and intelligently sequence not only classes but ways to improve his own practice. As he puts it: “Sharing Yoga as play & exploration. Challenging, aligned, strong movements & insights to push past imagined limits to see the joy & beauty of who you are”. Today, Carlos is an extremely popular teacher and in demand at some of South Florida’s top yoga studios.

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