Meet John Trafford:

John has a regular training schedule set up with Ian (3-4 sessions weekly) which includes swimming, some gym & cardio work and yoga. John had significant prior background in swimming and martial arts which are certainly assets to his current practice. Now in his early 30’s, John’s propensity to gain weight has become more apparent which reinforces the need to be more mindful about diet & nutrition (eating wisely & moderately). Working with Ian, has enabled John to really appreciate the calming effect that yoga has on the mind and how that is beneficial for him. Regular exercise and yoga practice have helped John to find more balance, burn calories, and to enjoy the invigorating restorative energy of being outside. The schedule that Ian has with John utilizes the extraordinarily beautiful facilities of the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables (the lovely outdoor pool, gym etc.) and usually John does the yoga portion outside under in the shade of the pool-area trees. The program with Ian has been enriching John’s life with improved health & wellness.

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