Meet Kevin Manning:

Kevin was 15 when he first started training with Ian. He was physically in need of muscle strengthening and endurance. As happens with most adolescents, the change in hormones in the body and the rapid physical growth which occurs in a short timeframe leads to a period of time where the body needs to adapt to its new dimensions. Training with Ian, enables Kevin’s body to build stability, strength and endurance. In a relatively short time-frame, Kevin was able to join his High-School’s cross-country running team and compete in numerous races. When first starting the exercise program, Kevin could only run a few hundred meters without having to walk due to high heart-rate (and being “winded”). Later, Kevin would complete 5K (over 3 miles) running races and runs without stopping at all and running at a steady fast pace. Kevin’s training went on to include swimming, and weights. Now in his twenties, Kevin has learned to experience his body, health and wellness in a new more powerful way.

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