Meet Lina Eichenwald:

Lina is an artist whose art pieces have appeared in galleries and shows around the world. Lina loves keeping active and fit and lives an exemplary fitness lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy fresh food diet. However, Lina increasingly found in her 40’s and 50’s difficulties regarding physical aches, pains, and more alarmingly, joint issues. Medical MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans revealed some joint deterioration in the knees beneath the knee caps (Grade 2 patellar chondromalacia) which created pain and misalignment (and “chondral softening and surface irregularity at the medial patellar facet), knee stabilization issues (the knee stabilizer muscles not engaging while straightening knees during last 15 degrees of movement) quite severe and chronic low-back pain, and pelvic misalignment. Ian’s training plan for Lina was guided by the physical Therapists who had previously been working with Lina. Exercises included: isometric lunges with 1-arm rows (to help stabilize trunk and shoulder), squats with knees squeezing into ball (between legs) and give tactile cue to the medial quadriceps (to help teach that muscle to “fire”), standing on 1-leg with lateral raises of the opposite arm while engaging the thigh muscles of the standing leg to “squeeze the knee” (and make a “fist” with the knee) in order to help engage the knee stabilizer muscles, balance board work and many more exercises. While Lina’s structural joint issues have not miraculously disappeared, she has developed an exceptional awareness of her own body (including posture and alignment) knowing much better how to calibrate her daily physical activities to best allow her to remain active, fit and pain free.

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