Meet Monika Muskarel:

Monika is also a graduate of Ian’s 200-hour yoga teacher training. She has been a diligent practitioner of yoga for over a decade and has experienced a whole new level of being a yogi during and since her training. She credits Ian for being an inspiration and has taken the teaching of yoga to children by offering a “kids yoga” program as well to people with disabilities. She regularly offers classes at the WOW Center in Miami, Florida which specializes in “empowering individuals with disabilities” by offering support, guidance and encouragement to adults with developmental disabilities. Monika brings her many years of experience as a mother, in marketing, and as a volunteer with the WOW center to the yoga mat and her classes. She also gives public yoga classes both in studios and in parks. She has developed her own creative vinyasa styles class connecting the sequencing of postures to the chakra centers and astrology which is getting rave reviews from her students.

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