Meet Nadia Maudsley:

An avid cyclist and extraordinarily fit in her early 40’s by her late 50’s Nadia had become relatively inactive with regard to exercise and obese. She then decided to make a serious change and get her health and “life” back. She began consistently doing healing work and was referred by her energy healer/therapist to contact Ian to begin a yoga training program. Given Nadia’s health & medical history, different medications, conditions and possible contraindications needed to be taken into consideration. The medications were Lisinopril (for high blood pressure), Crestor (for high cholesterol), Valtrex (for fever blisters) and Lunesta (for Insomnia). For example, exercise and sweating can increase the side-effects of low blood pressure, dizziness and fainting caused by Lisinopril. And while Nadia’s Doctor was aware that she was participating in an exercise/yoga program (and supported that she did so), Ian had to carefully monitor how Nadia’s body would respond to exercise and yoga postures & techniques and modify the training program accordingly. Additional physical conditions which needed to be taken into consideration were: low-back pain & recent back surgery, fused vertebra in the neck, and Lumbar vertebra #5 stenosis, plantar fasciitis (left foot), neuro-stimulator implant (back of left hip region) and in both wrists RSI (repetitive stress injury). Nadia’s discipline in maintaining a consistent yoga/ayurveda & wellness program has paid off. She claims she has never felt better, has been able to eliminate and reduce prescription pharmaceuticals (with her Doctor’s clearance and guidance) and has lost weight. In fact, she weighs the same now in her 60’s that she did when she was in her early 40’s and going on 100-mile bike rides!

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