Meet Pat Crittendon:

Pat was referred to Ian by a physical therapist who had been treating her frozen shoulder and back pain (Lumbar vertebrae #’s 4&5 with bulging discs). Over the past (3) years under Ian’s care, her shoulder has continued to improve with nearly full range of motion. And her back pain has remained in remission. Pat’s busy schedule around the globe as an internationally acclaimed speaker/presenter is challenging to say the least. Before beginning with Ian, Pat also often had chronic and quite severe back pain. Ian developed an appropriate yoga & fitness program including: SMR (Soft Myofascial Release), Yoga asana sequencing to help remove tissue adhesions and create greater joint ROM (range of motion) especially in the spine, hips and shoulders. Notable improvement occurred in Pat’s ability to not only remain comfortable (hold) certain postures but to get into and out of postures such as: Warrior 1 pose, Lizard & Pigeon poses, ½ Spinal Twist pose and Shoulder Stand pose. Enormous improvement occurred in the flexibility of posterior lower body tissues such as the gluteals and the hamstrings. Spectacular gains occurred in Pat’s ability to balance: on 1 foot and leg, doing the same but lifting the knee up towards the stomach or straightening the leg back while lifting it, doing the same while closing the eyes etc. Ian also made recommendations for training plan Pat could incorporate during her travels. Additionally, Ian made helpful suggestions and recommendations to help with Pat’s chronic insomnia including dietary, lifestyle and yogic breathing exercises shown to help with sleep challenges.

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