Meet Sally Snyder:

Sally had been a competitive runner (winning state 5k age-group championships numerous times while in her 40’s and 50’s) and avid fitness enthusiast for many years prior to coming to Ian’s yoga classes. Her daily routine involved extensive daily cardiovascular training (running outdoors and on a treadmill) and resistance training (dumbbells, free weights and machines) in the gym. While in her 60’s, a routine medical examination found she had a certain condition of the heart (incomplete formation) which required surgery. This was a shock for Sally who had always been extraordinarily fit and healthy. In addition, with certain challenging mental stressors occurring in her life, she decided to give yoga a try. Almost immediately, Sally felt just how beneficial doing yoga was for her body & mind. Not only did she find a community of like-minded people at the local neighborhood studio, she developed a deep appreciation for the way Ian taught his classes. She found tremendous benefits, not only by doing a regular practice of sequenced yoga postures, but by learning to do different breathing exercises (pranayamas), mantra and meditation. She says today that discovering yoga with Ian has changed her life for the better. And, due to her improved condition and as a result of simply feeling better, she has been able to reduce medication use significantly (in accordance, of course, with her Doctor’s guidance).

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