Meet Thomas Taulbee:

Thomas was an injured runner who first came to Ian’s yoga classes to help the running injury. Little did he know that years later he would take and successfully complete Ian’s 200-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Certification course. The course was part of a major life shift for Thomas. He ended up changing careers completely and now works full time as a yoga teacher. He also completed a certification in Nutritional life-coaching (with the Integrative Nutrition Institute). Today, Thomas is an extraordinarily successful yoga teacher with many devoted students and a very busy teaching schedule. His life experience in the corporate world and in community building have provided him with unique communication skills which enhance his ability to reach a diverse range of students. He has also managed a very popular yoga studio in Miami while maintaining a full teaching schedule at the studio. Thomas has been asked to help lead Yoga Teacher Trainings and has offered many successful yoga workshops to the public on various themes: the essential core muscle known as the Iliopsoas, “Happy Hips” hip-opening workshop and how devotion plays out in developing one’s practice. Thomas has also been written up in the press (newspapers and other media) about his transformational story “If you had ask me five years ago if my life would be where it is now, I would have looked you in the eyes and chuckled. Yoga has been the greatest gift I could’ve ever asked for! It has allowed me to gain a greater sense of who I am, which for much of my life had been missing. Stress and anxiety has been replaced with a greater sense of peace and gratitude. The opportunity to share the gift of yoga is a true blessing and honor”.

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