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Ian offers an Ayurveda lifestyle. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest wellness (preventative medical) tradition. Lifestyle and mental attitude are everything. Read more Modern medicine has realized and shown scientifically the effects of the mind on health with studies on the psychosomatic & placebo effects. The call of our time, amidst an allopathic medical model crisis, is preventative medicine. Preventative medicine addresses the many causes and conditions which lead to true health, well-being and wellness. Unlike Allopathic medicine (traditional Western Medicine as practiced by most doctors and hospitals), preventative medicine does not solely focus on relieving symptoms. Today, in the USA, billions of dollars are spent every year on drugs, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. One study states that 50% of all medical costs in the United States today could be eliminated if people would just sleep enough (and with good quality sleep) as well as meditate a little bit (like 20 minutes, 2X per day) every day. This is an exciting and incredible statistical fact! And there are many more exciting facts! There is hope for virtually everyone to improve the quality of life through better health. Health is truly the ultimate wealth. And wise people are realizing more every day that true health is not just financial or even physical/material. The answer is not more materialism – more drugs. True health involves three things: 1. MIND 2. BODY 3. SPIRIT (or “ENERGY”). These aspects are intimately inter-connected. Yoga & Ayurveda have been called India’s greatest gift to humanity. Ian is passionate about sharing these ancient practices with the modern world.


There are many parallels and overlapping shared concepts and applications between yoga, Ayurveda and shamanism. One big one is the recognition and participatory conscious interaction with the “tattvas” (or, according to some schools of thought, the basic elements of creation: earth, water, wind, fire and ether) which represent and aspect of truth and reality. For Hatha yogis, these elemental d


Ian teaches that the ultimate purpose of yoga, Ayurveda and even shamanic practices is to help us better manage the mind maybe even learning how to get it completely present, calm and still. Ian explains that a big part of this process is improving our ability to continuously experience the pure consciousness within. This he says becomes the ultimate medicine for wellness. Modern medicine and scie


Ayurveda means the science of “life” or of “longevity”. It is a more than 5,000-year-old preventative medical tradition: in fact, the world’s oldest natural healing system. Ian can help guide you so you can learn how to bring Ayurveda into your life! Traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and many ancient Greek medical concepts all have their roots in Ayurveda. Much more than a w



This is a very important concept that is often missed in the many modern diet fad crazes. Ayurveda (the world’s oldest preventative medical system) fully recognizes this truth and wellness consultations and course of action are based on a particular person’s physiological constitution as well as m

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