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Ian's objective is to teach safe, meaningful, fun & inspiring yoga classes in Florida, which appropriately challenge students physically and mentally and leave students feeling wonderful & refreshed. It is not uncommon to hear students say, after having taken Ian's class, "wow, I feel amazing. That was an incredible yoga class".

Ian likes to honor ancient wisdom traditions as well as teach a contemporary & practical "common sense" class that gives clear instruction and proper postural alignment details. Bridging the ancient with the new, Ian delivers powerful Miami yoga classes creating fitness of mind + body, healing states, meditative experience and greater mindfulness about one's breathing and the connection between the mind and the body via breathe awareness.

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Hatha yoga involves intensively working with the body and bio-energetics (the joined-polarity energies of the Sun "Ha" & the Moon "Tha". Vinyasa means to creatively sequence classes linking the movement of the body with the breath..

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This is a class which really offers the opportunity for deeper opening and flexibility improvement as well as a deeper meditative experience. The focus is on balancing common postural compensations that occur with most people and..

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Miami Yoga Classes


A slow paced class, designed to introduce the basic elements of yoga. Perfect for men and women ready to try yoga for the first time and excellent for rehabilitation, seniors and people with sports injuries.

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Sivananda Yoga consists of 12 basic postures (asanas). These yoga classes in Miami are a wonderful classic Hatha Yoga sequence that includes: Opening and closing mantras, pranayama (breathing techniques), sun salutations, the 12 postures/poses which systematically and intelligently help the chakras (energy centers) and the corresponding glandular centers (the pineal & pituitary glands of the brain, the thyroid & parathyroid glands of the throat, the thymus gland of the chest, the adrnals & pancreas of the stomach, and the sexual glands of the lower abdomen and pelvic region).

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Miami Yoga Workshops


A Hatha Yoga Vinyasa flow or Restorative/Meditative flow class with an added infusion. Ian has felt called and received guidance to share his experience of what was learned during rather "extreme" austerities of intensive retreating (in both yogic and Native American "shamanic" traditions) under the name "Medicine Yogi Yoga". Thus, this class is more devotional (Bhakti Yoga) with More: invocations to the intelligence of nature (the 4 levels of creation, the 4 directions, the elements etc.).

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Ian strives to help students learn to better stabilize the mind and better experience their own consciousness and inner peace.


Ian's yoga teacher training certification Miami program offers the tools to empower personal practice and to become an outstanding instructor. Through the guidance of a renowned faculty, the extraordinarily rare & unique opportunity and creates a one-of-a –kind invaluable experience that builds confidence and a community of like-minded yogis. This training is recognized as the beginning of an important spiritual and physical process. This Miami Yoga Teacher Training faculty is built on excellence, joy and community in yoga instruction. When you join Ian Darrah's Yoga Teacher Training, you join a large and diverse network of lifelong, dedicated yoga teachers.

Ian Darrah, the yoga expert is offering different classes, private instructions, workshops and certification programs for the Yoga Teacher Leader for the general public. He brings his years of practice and skills for the society. These classes are available for seniors, corporate and the elderly.

Ian Darrah has spent most of his years training under the famous yoga teachers like Vinyasa, Satyananda, Sivananda and Ashtanga, and he is an E-RYT500. Today, he has gained his position in the world as a reputed yoga instructor through a lot of hard work. Since he began his own training programs, Ian Darrah has mentored many students on his own. He is what he is today all because of his hard work, patience and decades of practice as a passionate student in the health and human department. His every day devotion for personal development has made him a successful yoga teacher.



"It is with great humility and gratitude that I bow down to the wonderful Teachers and Masters who have inspired me and who have tirelessly & selflessly taught so much to so many. Whether yogi or shaman (a small child or an experienced Elder), to me it makes no difference. Quite a few people have deeply inspired me and really changed the course of my life forever. And so it goes, in today's day and age, we have the opportunity to learn from many great teachers. And, as "teachers", we ultimately are best off not forgetting to remain humble, fresh and new as a student – ever ready & open to learn a few more droplets of the vast ocean of yoga science if only to realize in the end how little we actually know and how much more there is to explore, experience and try to understand. In fact, as one great yoga master proclaimed: "There are no teachers – we are all just students…"

First and foremost, I would like to thank and honor SWAMI BRAHMAVIDYANANDA of the Sivananda-Satyananda Yoga lineage. He is the Founder & Director of The Institute for Holistic Yoga – Satyananda Ashram. No words can express the immensity and purity of the offering he has given, and continues to give, to me and to so many others."

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I would also like to honor and thank the following yoga teachers and Native American shamans and other spiritual teachers/healers, for their expertise, talents, energy and great inspirational teachings: Marisa Gallardo, Susie Page, Natalie Morales, Jill Rapperport, Richard Sherman, Rossella Rossi, Greg Nardi, Tim Feldman, Sharath Jois, Veronica Vidal, Dharma Mittra, Luana Hervier, Ganesha Michael Shapiro, Don Diego, Prahlad Reddy, Prem Sadasivananda, S.N. Goenka, Haroldo & Illeana Vargas, Chief Alfonso de Castillo, Tlaloc, Guillermo Sonnco (and family), Don Jose Campos, Inti & Julio Riviera and the many other teachers unnamed here but forever living in my heart.


There is a strong tendency in the Western world for students to become interested in yoga because they are seeking something "special" that involves the mind and deeper relaxation. But still, it appears that the primary attraction for most yoga practitioners today (in the West) are the extraordinary diversity of stunning physical postures that are beautifully & artistically expressive of the human form and seem to elicit the yoga practitioner's "special" abilities. Coming from many years of competitive triathlons, Ian was also initially drawn to the intensely physical side of the yoga, and for many years, practiced primarily Power yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Yet, year after year, Ian found that other, previously unfathomable, aspects of the unimaginably vast Hatha Yoga practice became more and more appealing to him: to the point where the physicality of the postural form actually became secondary to meditation, pranayama and more gentle styles of practice like Sivananda. Additionally, Ian found his body asking for less physically demanding ways of exploring asana and for more daily self-care using classic Ayurveda protocols: meal & sleep regularity, tongue scraping, jala neti, copper pot water, daily abhyanga, daily sweating (either through sauna and/or exercise), monitoring activities (like cleanses, fasts, food choices etc.) according to seasons, Jyotish & times of day/constitution (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha), Ayurveda diet/herbs/spices, daily puja, meditation and pranayama.


*Fitness – Ashtanga Vinyasa roots, some training with Sharath Jois

*Extensive Retreating – Yoga, Meditation, Vipassana, austerities, outdoor nature "shamanic" based residencies

*Playful exploration of other styles (numerous classes & workshops): Dharma Mittra, Bikram, some Anusara, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini etc.

* Level 1 – Vinyasa yoga certification Miami

*Extensive Sivananda Training: Beginner & Advanced Certifications. And continuing study.

*Ongoing Devotional Bhakti Practice within Satyananda Ashram – Institute for Holistic Yoga Miami

*Continuing Ayurveda Practitioner studies with New World Ayurveda

*Ongoing Amazonian Plant-based Shamanism "Dieta" austerities (undisclosed Amazonian Tribes)


The Dalai Lama on the definition of a Yogi: "A Yogi is a qualified retreat practitioner"

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